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Elounda is a world renowned tourist resort with beautiful beaches, clear sea, serene and beautiful environment. It lies 10 km from Agios Nikolaos and the cutting along the side of the road gives you the opportunity to admire the spectacular bay of Mirabello and Korfos. It is built on the southern shores of the homonymous bay, 1 km west of the ancient Olounda which owes its name. It is the favored place of legendary figures from Minoan Crete and of historical figures of our time.

Over the years

Nearby the village is the ancient all which was a major one hundred cities of Crete, with a population over 30,000. The administrative system of Olous was Eunomia, a type of democracy. In Olounda Tallaios worshiped Zeus, Apollo and Vritomartis a temple dedicated to her. Olounda had 11 different types of own currencies, most of which is depicted on one side Artemis Vritomartis, and the other Zeus aetoforos, or dolphin or stars. The edge of Olous continued during the first Byzantine period. The show's Basilica Poros with wonderful mosaic, today visited and the Basilica of the pumpkin with the exquisite white marble.Elounda currently has 2,200 residents living in 4 settlements (Schisma, Pano Elounda, Kato Elounda, Mavrikiano), most of them in Schisma and deal mainly with tourism, but also fishing.

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